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Managed Multi-Cloud Services

Multi-Cloud Services Built On Security 


Multi-Cloud Services Built On Security 

We offer a complete portfolio of managed services to complement our partner's cloud, native cloud, and hybrid offerings. Our team of experts will proactively monitor your environment and enforce best practices to maintain an optimal state of operation. Our services include:

  • Maintain environment uptime 

  • 365/24/7 security monitoring and incident response (MDR)

  • Encryption for on and offsite data + integrity monitoring

  • Security assessment reporting

  • Automatic resource allocation for optimal performance

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Managed intelligent infrastructure that transforms your business

Sequoyah's Multi-Cloud Managed Services is built around a core platform stack that sits on top of our client's current infrastructure - thier traffic is not going to another cloud. We provide two core capabilities:

Security - as traffic comes into the fabric we apply our security technique - app protection, DDOS Prevention, UEBA etc

Experience - ensuring fast cost optimized access to applications, (use CSP Edge, Private CDN, Proximity DNS,  Multi-cloud networking, Compression, Pooling, QUIC/HTTP2, Fast TLS)

With Autonomous Cloud Networking Managed Services Customers  achieve:


60% Cloud Spend Reduction 

90% MTTR Reductions 

90% Reduction in Time to Value


Looking for more services? We provide support across the entire IT spectrum, from optimizing resources to maintaining infrastructure to migrating to the Cloud. With a team of certified engineers in the Americas & Europe, Aireagoir helps companies through a full range of IT services and technology support.


Managed services for your entire environment

Sequoyah is focused on offering a complete managed services offering to our clients and partners. We have the expertise to manage your cloud or multi-cloud environment. Sequoyah is security-focused and makes sure everything we do is based on best practices.

Multi-platform strategy & operations

multi-cloud management

Our client's mission-critical applications need to be secure and available regardless of their cloud platform choice. Aireagóir's team has decades of experience helping customers develop tailored solutions to meet the challenges of today with a design for future success.


Achieve Continuous Compliance


Maintain High Availability


Extend Your CloudOps Team with 24×7 Support


Maximize Cost Efficiency & Scale

Connect your data center to AWS, Google, Azure, & More!

Whether you are establishing your cloud-readiness, consolidating your data center, or need to continue to host specific applications on the private cloud or colocation facility, Aireagóir can help you architect a secure, reliable environment to meet your needs.

• Google, Azure, and AWS deployment & Management

• AWS Direct Connect, AWS Outposts, Azure ExpressRoute

• VMWare Migration, Hosting,  & Management

• Verge Migration, Hosting, & Management

• Cloudflare deployment & Management

• Aviatrix deployment & Management

• SentinelOne deployment & Management

• BluVector deployment, Hosting, & Management

• Snowflake deployment & Management

• Cloud-Readiness Planning & Cost Management

• Global Datacenter Footprint: US East & West, EMEA, and APAC

• Compliance Expertise: HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS, SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR



50+ data centers in 30+ locations connecting your data to the world.

Need a Physical Location?

Our worldwide data center footprint is in place to allow our clients access and secure locations for data. Through 50+ data centers in 30+ locations, we have the largest network in the entire industry. By connecting to our global backbone network, we will deliver the utmost in high-quality, high-performance hosting infrastructure. These world-class data centers are owned by our strategic partner like  THG in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York City, New Jersey, Dallas, and Salt Lake City. However, our ever-expanding global partnerships with carefully selected hosting providers then extend our reach to a further 49 locations spanning five continents.

Designed to provide infallible security, performance, efficiency, and resiliency, each of our data centers is built to suit its unique location and maintain a stable environment. By maintaining our data centers and network to the highest standard, we can provide an unrivaled service on a global scale.

  • Multi-level facility access control

  • Restricted biometric access with proximity keycard control

  • 24x7x365 digital video surveillance

  • Locking, restricted access cabinets

  • Overhead and underfloor VESDA fire protection system

  • N+1 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • N+1 standby 2.25-megawatt generators

  • Multi-day fuel reserves and battery backup available to cover mains power outages and ensure constant uptime

  • N+1 cooling infrastructure

  • Recycled air from outside to minimize environmental impact

  • 30” raised flooring to facilitate underfloor cooling

  • Advanced canopy cold-aisle contained cooling

  • Optimal ambient operating environment

Contact us to learn more about our bare-metal, virtual, and private cloud offerings. 




Maximize Your Data Center & Network Infrastructure to Shape Your Future

Your organization is growing, and your data is growing just as quickly – if not faster. You need to prepare your data center for the challenges of today and for the opportunities of tomorrow and you need a data center and network infrastructure to match.


Sequoyah can help design, migrate, upgrade, and prepare your data center for the future. 

At Sequoyah, we have the experience, expertise, and objectivity to help 


Our advisory virtual CIOs (vCIO) are available and help businesses make informed decisions, develop strategic sourcing and outsourcing strategies for their Data Center needs. Our vCIO knowledge base includes IT infrastructure, applications, DR, real estate, finance, vendor management, and operations.

Project Management

Our Project Managers are more, they are client liaisons, and responsible for working closely with the vCIO to align the technical aspects of design, deployment, and management of your Data Center with your overall strategic plans.



With the information gained in the proof of value, Sequoyah’s team of Certified consultants and architects will collaborate with your team to develop and execute a customized mass migration plan, based on our proven methodology.  In this module, Virtual-ready applications will be migrated to or from one cloud platform to another seamlessly and without interruption to your business operations.

Data Center Power and Cooling

As a data center runs hotter, it is imperative to balance performance with higher cooling costs and potential downtime. At Aireagóir, we can design, build, and manage a solution that fits your infrastructure needs.

Server Room Technology

From high-density, high-performance servers to the latest pocket-sized devices, today’s IT infrastructure is complex, expansive, and connected throughout your business. Our expertise can simplify this challenge.

Data Storage

Data is valuable, and you don’t want to risk compromising or losing it to the next threat. Data protection, backup, and recovery strategies can protect your information and performance management.

Telecom Services

With access to over 200 carriers worldwide, Sequoyah provides secure connectivity solutions to and from any data center.  Speeds range from 10 mb to 500 gig point to point.

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