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Ai Your way!

AI as a Service (AIaaS) built in a secure ecosystem

Next level Ai

Our Ai delivers this service through pre-built machine and machine learning algorithms, custom-created data models, and API interfaces that aim to minimize the complexity of developing, delivering, and maintaining core business Ai solutions. Pre-trained and customizable models enable businesses to build Ai-powered workflows without AI/ML expertise. Get best-in-class DevOps / MLOps from our team. When AI becomes mission-critical for enterprise success and scale, Sequoyah is there to help.

Sequoyah provides the services to optimize your investments in scalable, accurate, and profitable Ai, delivering decision-making power to drive the vision for business growth. Sequoyah's support includes training, a dedicated account manager, 24/7 support, accelerated issue resolution, and direct enhancement requests.


Sequoyah Ai services also gives you access to our experts and PHD’s in data science and applied Ai, the offering and DevOps/MLOps deployment accelerates and expands your adoption of Ai. Ai as a service includes ongoing support and data security.


We scale intelligence.

We scale both human and machine intelligence to deliver unprecedented value in our new age of data-driven knowledge.


We multiply value.

We look beyond linear growth and incremental improvements, and we’re only satisfied with quantum leaps that compound its return.


We elevate standards.

We lead, teach, and invest in people, processes, and culture, which allows us to deliver high-grade and sustainable solutions.


We build partnerships & business ventures.

Our results-oriented culture focuses on delivering measurable impact resulting in venture building with real ROI.


Built-in a Secure Ecosystem with built-in DR

AI and all data are built on a secure platform that encrypts data at 256 and has a built-in DR and secure storage.

Uncover hidden performance patterns, trends, and outliers with automated data analysis guided by AI. Save countless hours and take the guesswork out of manual slicing-and-dicing of data.


How AI as a Service Benefits IT


We support business agility as well as the needs of IT in the enterprise,
in the following ways:

✓ Speed up the conversion of data into strategic predictions with your own AI.

✓ Leverage your data lakes, and all data siloes to make the best decisions.

✓ Allow AI workloads to be seamlessly deployed securely on-prem & in the cloud.

✓ Standardize training and deployment stages using best practices.

Additional offerings

We train your leadership and team. For a company to be successful in the age of Ai, the people behind the organization need to understand both strategically and tactically how best harness these technologies.

We’ve developed training courses for Executives, Managers, and Engineers to learn these skills. Pricing based on need.

  • Training can be included together with this proposal (regardless of a selected option).

  • Engineer training is part-time, outside of office hours.

  • Executive and Management training is max 3 days, hands-on workshops.


A more intelligent enterprise.

To operate as a next generation intelligent enterprise, it requires both the technology and the people to be acclimated in leveraging the latest tech.


Learn to identify the right use cases. 

Learn to identify the best business use cases where you can provide the most impact. Automating intellectual functions and providing new products and services.


Drive a Data-First culture.

Equip your team to think in terms of data and models, to continue the inward innovation cycle for business performance and operations.

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