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Investor Relations

The next evolution in cloud computing 

Sequoyah, LLC  has experienced hyper-growth in the last two years and continues to experience additional interest each month.  At Sequoyah, we support and solve complex problems with our partners through our Advisory Services, Deployment, and management services around our key partners and our advanced security services offering. Increasing the interest in our premier Security service, we are able to provide across the enterprise low-level point-to-point encryption, security that is missing in today’s high-risk business environments. The Sequoyah's offerings enable clients to achieve the highest levels of security, business continuity, and Disaster Recovery protections in a leading-edge, scalable, modern platform. A set of platforms able to be stationed on every major business continent on earth.

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As security threats and breaches continue to increase, those businesses formally not at high risk are now targeted, and large data is the standard and more challenging to secure, the expertise Sequoyah provides is now essential. Business growth today requires stability, scalability, and security. We provide those essentials every business requires. Our service caters to the Mid to Enterprise corporate market, with our focus on service, simplicity, a focused partnership, and overall a lowering of the cost associated when compared to older foundational platforms.

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